Vondre Whaley

Vondre’ Whaley is a very successful entrepreneur who has launched well over 50 small businesses, including a newspaper group, insurance agency, computer retail service, software company, real-estate investing group, and a lead generation marketing firm. As you can imagine, Vondre’ has had some great success, but he has also failed miserably at some business ventures. According to Mr. Whaley, “It’s all apart of being an entrepreneur. You can’t be afraid of failing. That’s how you learn.”

Vondre’ Whaley grew up with strong parents who always taught the value of entrepreneurship and having multiple streams of income. His mother was a teacher and also operated one of the largest Mary Kay organizations in her region. His father, the greatest sales person he ever met, operated a wildly successful independent insurance agency in the southeast. That influence, allowed Vondre’ to use his creativity on many different levels to generate income.

One of his first successful ventures was “Nothing But Good News,” a Christian based newspaper with 6 different locations in different cities. This business lasted for seven years and is where Vondre’ learned to communicate with different people in business. In the mist of running a publishing company, Vondre’ found the time to be a teacher and was able to give out scholarships to students who were in financial need.

His life took on more meaning after getting married to a beautiful wife and having two adorable kids. “My family is the reason I work so hard. They are the reason I’m willing to start new endeavors. If I can provide them with different experiences to enrich their lives, I have done an awesome job as a father and husband.”

Several new start-ups later, Mr. Whaley got into internet marketing and set up several websites. One site was a partnership with his wife, where they teach cake bakers how to get more cake customers. Vondre’s wife is an award winning cake baker and this site was a natural fit because of her passion. In less than a year, this site became the top destination for cake bakers who are seriously thinking about starting a business. Now, they have over 40 products and several websites targeting people who sell cakes.

As the internet continued to grow, Vondre’ realized this was the place to build a strong revenue source so he launched more niche sites. Currently, he operates well over 100 web properties and generates income from information products, software, and advertising. He has also had the opportunity to work with other successful entrepreneurs such as Richard Myers, Ty Cohen, Greg Ceasar, Ron Douglas, Chris Dixon, Andrew LaVern, and others.

“People aren’t successful because giving up is too easy! If you want easy, sit on the bench and watch the game! Don’t fool yourself that you’re a real player.” – Vondre’ Whaley

According to Vondre’, if you have the right mindset, you can be successful. Your mindset is like a magnet that attracts others who think like you. If you think like a successful entrepreneur, you’ll meet other successful entrepreneurs. If you take massive action, you’ll experience positive results.

Vondre’s vision for the future involves helping others launch successful businesses through workshops and seminars while continuing to develop new software and internet sites that generate profits. He also plans to continue taking his family on several vacations each year and living a good life.

‘If life is a ball park, then my first name is Hank and my last name is Aaron!” -Vondre’ Whaley

You must have a zest for life and Vondre’ wants to meet and network with others who have that same understanding. As one of the most creative minds in the home based business arena, he is poised for building an empire that his family can benefit from for years to come.

“It’s fun living this life and anyone can do it if they connect with the right people, take action, and believe in themselves.”